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State Insurance Mandates

Autism Insurance Coverage Mandated in California Under Bill Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown

In case you had not heard, Governor Brown signed SB 946 in California today:

Autism coverage mandated in California under bill signed by Brown:

Lots of hard work and dedication led to this success:

Autism advocates reunite in support of SB 946 | City Brights: Rachel Norton | an SFGate.com blog – http://blog.sfgate.com/rnorton/2011/10/05/autism-advocates-reunite-in-support-of-sb-946/

Thank yo

But, like most state insurance benefits mandates, SB 946 is only a good start, (See “Q&A: Autism Benefits Mandates – Basic Information.”) These state mandates exclude too many of America’s children with ASDs. Federal legislation is the only meaningful way to help most of these children. It’s time to redirect all that hard work and dedication to implementing the Affordable Care Act so that evidence-based therapy is accessible to all children with ASDs. (See “Washington Post Article Attacks Affordable Care Act, Uses Scare Tactics.  Children Need Federal Solution” and “See “Q&A: The Affordable Care Act”).

About Behavioral Lifeboat

Behavioral Lifeboat is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to make evidenced-based behavioral therapy accessible to all by increasing awareness, helping to make comprehensive insurance benefits affordable and meaningful, helping schools provide more effective behavioral therapy programs, and providing grants to make such therapy affordable when other solutions are not available.


One thought on “Autism Insurance Coverage Mandated in California Under Bill Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown

  1. This isn’t going to change the fact he support slashing funds to programs in the community that serve autistic children and adults. Way to go Jerry.

    Posted by Veronica | February 5, 2012, 10:44 am

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